Maxim Classics

At Maxim Classics, we believe that time is of essence and that with class and heritage comes age. Our company is very much focused on finding exquisite, different and unique collectable antiques that are jewels to admire.

At Maxim Classics, we possess a passion for displaying vintage cars. That is why our distinctive collection of old a car features only unique antique automobiles that were manufactured latest by the 1960s. Our valuable collection include vintage classics such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Coupe’ among many others.

For the first time in Egypt, Maxim Classics proudly plans to establish a private vintage automobile museum where great and interesting selection of old, vintage cars will be displayed for all car lovers to admire and enjoy. All car lovers will appreciate the display of such treasure, since Maxim Classics is aiming to create a one of a kind haven for all car devotees across the nation and the world.