Maxim Construction Industry


Maxim Construction Industries (MCI) is an integrated company that encompasses a vision of delivering nothing but the best. Committed to our clients and abiding by our vision, we constantly adopt a holistic approach towards all our investments to deliver perfection. Based on that, it has always been mandatory for Maxim conglomerate to have its own construction company to respond to the growing need for construction materials following the boom of real estate in Egypt.

Maxim Construction Industry currently owns three factories, all located in the industrial Zone of the 5th Settlement, New Cairo District. A Ready Mix Concrete factory, an Aluminum Panels factory and Cement Blocks Factory cater to the Holding Company and all its projects essentials, as well as supplying to all its surrounding areas, such as New Cairo, Heliopolis, 10th of Ramadan, Badr City, Maadi and Shorouk City.

Maxim Ready Mix Concrete factory owns a variety of truck mixers that vary in size to accommodate our different construction needs. To ensure delivering the best results, a complete and integrated quality control lab is available and managed by specialized engineers and technicians, who are cleverly supervised by a number of Egypt’s best consultants. Aggregated washer and water cooling chillers are also available to assist in the production of the highest quality concrete. In a nutshell, the factory is fully equipped with the highest quality and latest European technology of producing and pumping ready mix concrete.

Maxim Aluminum factory is also created to complement our construction work. The company is equipped with top machinery to extract the best products based on international standards. Our Aluminum sheets are characterized by being of excellent quality, since they have highly strong surfaces that possess great endurance attributes, not only that but they can easily be used in different designs.

Maxim Cement Blocks factory completes the circle. Our high quality cement tiles are characterized by high resistance to stresses, including pressure, friction and absorption, making it compatible with Egyptian and international standards, including the American standers (ASTM). All items are produced with the same specifications, but can be controlled to increase its ability to withstand the highest stresses of exposure to the operating conditions of private demand.