Maxim Media Production

Maxim Media Production (MMP) is a production company aimed at producing a diversified series of entertainment activities, ranging from historical programs to soap operas. High quality programs that stimulate our viewers are what we really want out of our production company. Interesting and informative content of cultural, historical and political programs are featured by our company. Enhancing filming industry through the development of influential and innovative video production projects is another category that we work on.

It goes without saying that the Egyptian Revolution in 2011 has changed the mindset and attitudes of many Egyptians. Since the glorious revolution sparked, we felt the need to produce different and proper educational and cultural content to reflect the pivotal transitional stage Egypt is experiencing; and therefore Maxim Media Production came to light to encourage significant innovative media projects hence facilitating the advancement of the overall quality of Egyptian media.

Talk Shows and TV Series are among the material we are producing to educate Egyptians and raise their awareness on the goals and foundation of the revolution to foster societal changes and create a constructive ambience to encourage freedom of speech, promote freedom of expression and unlimited creativity without worrying about undergoing edits and cuts for political reasons. This is all mainly done to help Egyptians formulate their own opinions, stand up and support them. Utilizing the drama and the TV shows that are currently booming in Egypt to satisfy the viewers needs’ for knowing accurate information is what we do.

Whether on-location or in the studio, our specialized team is highly skilled in transforming our concepts into real successful productions. The Maxim Media in-house production professionals are focused the company’s vision and will go the extra mile when it comes to executing the goals of our projects.